The Ultra Evil Lord Lavatron of the Seventy Seven Rockets!

This is the most evil character in Lord Lavatron. Well, evil by human standards. There is a character that is more evil than he, but it is more of a force of nature rather than a conscious decision to be cruel.

Many years ago, Lord Lavatron was just a normal lad who wanted to find the edge of the universe. He built seventy-seven rockets and put a piece of his brain into each. Many years after the rockets' rocketmen had died, the rockets stilled lived on, with a dim sort of intelligence. One brain began to redevelop itself, and after the rocket was picked up by an alien race, began to make moves to take it over.

This disconnected brain in a vat, mixed with bits of machine and computer is what may have turned Lord Lavatron's spirit so dark. And years after the launch of the seventy seven rockets, an alien ship crashed into satex. Bringing with it the evil of Lord Lavatron and a strange sort of aliens made of ambient energies that took the form of surrounding materials.

In Satex, they took the permanent forms of The Rock Men, The Dirt Men, and the Lava Men. The Lava Men are behind Lord Lavatron in this picture of him wreaking havoc on a highway. They are the break away faction of aliens that betrayed their race to aid Lord Lavatron reconstitute his form.

I hope you like this drawing!

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