Little Whale

This is a Killer Whale. He eats lots of fish and sometimes penguins.



This Dragon is in a super fight with a helicopter over Goliath City.

Dragons come from the moon. Its a long story i was working on, but its too long for me to do right now. Maybe one day. They live in a nice little land under the surface...its a place where there are no horizons, because horizons only occur when something curves away from you, but if you live INSIDE a sphere...no horizons.


This is a model sheet i made for a toy i want to make. Notice the Asian Man? He's the guy from ASIAN LAND! (look below). The other character is a Gangster Sparrowkeet. He has a little blade..cause he wants to be cool. Too bad they're so cute...no one takes his gang seriously.



Here are five little owls I just finished!