Giant Green Algae Bear, pencils

This is the 2nd drawing of giant monsters attacking a city. Its called "THE GOLIATH BATTLES"....we'll call the city, Goliath City.
The Giant Green Algae Bear is a bear that forms in ports and harbors of places that have polluted too much. Often times, when a water system is disturbed, the plant growth explodes, until it sucks up all the oxygen, and then all the fishies die. All this negative energy and plantyness comes together into the giant shape of a Polar Bear...and then knocks some buildings over.

Here's the drawing! I hope you like it!

...and to explain what Ulitron is.

Ulitron is a giant orbiting robot, piloted by literally little Green Men. Not green like grass, more of a chatreuse..i think i spelled that wrong. But yes. All of Ulitron's limbs and body parts, separate into smaller self contained space ships. In the drawing below, you can see that the mouth has detached. Ulitron is normally a peaceful robot, that wanders the forests of Satex, observing the little animals. For some reason, they have been manipulated by some evil force into attacking Goliath City.

At night, beneath its robotic skin, you can see little lights and movement.


Two Illustrations!

Little Davey before he was born.

Before he was sad.



This is a drawing i'm trying to color right now. -Ulises



THIS IS MAUREEN AT SPX. I was walking around at the time. This was our table display. People liked it.

This was the comic we were selling! Free Preview!

Want more!? Its on sale at Jim Hanley's Universe and Cosmic Comics in NYC, and at Atomic Books in Baltimore MD. Or you can purchase directly from me. Its 2 dollars! cheap cheap.


I just created this blog out of my frustration with my website construction. Oh well. I am Ulises Farinas. Together with Maureen Newman, we are the happy happy creators of "A New Elegant Universe"...This is what i wrote on our "card":

"The New Elegant Universe is a place of growth and love, for children to believe in their imagination again. There are bunnies and pirates and vast landscapes to explore. This world is gentle, and every detail is living."

I thought that was a nice way of putting it. We make comics and stuffed animals and music and even clothing occasionally. Today, lets look at some crocheted creatures that Maureen made, based on characters from "A New Elegant Universe".

These were all sold out on the first day of SPX (The Small Press Expo), but we're making more! You can purchase one yourself! Contact "A New Elegant Universe" at 972.816.1323, or you can mail to us at: 45 Delaware St. Elizabeth, NJ 07206

I'm sneaking this image in here...mad sneaky