This is a cover for my Merbotman comic that i'm working on.


A drawing for a biznezz card.

i drew this tonight for a biznezz card thing. Its a robot head with a little power ranger inside.


owl assortment

here are a few little owls for your enjoyment:

wary owl

pseudo magic rainbow owl

evil owl...he's weird


I'm in a show!






in the trees

here's a fun woodland purse with a little snail friend to accompany you!



this is a preview of a comic project i'm working on called Killing Spree. Thats all i'll say. I'm gonna kill some suckas.


cute cat

Here's the latest purse creation. It's made of silly kitties and tiny butterflies! Enjoy!

Oh, and there's a secret circle pocket on the inside!


sock it to me

A gregory-inspired purse!The red part is sparkly!

p.s.- if you would like to buy anything you see on here just send me an email at maureen_makes@hotmail.com or contact ulises


More Doodles? Yes.

These are doodles. Look for Space Bears from Outer Spaces and the really long pig.



I made another purse! This one is orange dream supreme! I like the color orange a lot. Perhaps it is my favorite color. I can't ever choose a favorite; they're all so lovely. Ok, I hope you enjoy this purse as much as I do!



I am finally posting something! It's a purse I just made. I hope you like it!

There will be more creations to come!


Ollie the Octopus

I made this under an hour, as fast as i could. I then traded it for a stuffed animal that my friend made. His name is Ollie the Octupus, he talks in beeps and boops because he is actually retarded. Not retarded in a funny way, retarded in a doesn't talk much and only kinda squeeks. He's still a cutey though but his brain will never develop like other octupi. Poor octupus.


a new website

Hello, this is Ulises. So today, a little website went up. Kinda awesome. A New Elegant Universe has a website now. Right now, there's just a little welcome screen.

I'm not sure i ever mentioned it, but me and Maureen are planning to expand what we're doing with A New Elegant Universe. Along with publishing our own comics and making stuffed animals, we're gonna increase the amount of things we make and also start a little bit of distributing. A little universe of like-minded writers, artists, musicians, etc.

We're gonna keep writing in this blog, because i like to make posts of upcoming things and plans and i like to talk a lot.

So, i'm excited.

Carly Nix is helping us put the site together, she has a nice voice. This is her song: www.myspace.com/carlynicolemusic, her plain myspace is www.myspace.com/carlymuffin



Oodles of Doodles

This update is kinda random, but i think it will be good. Every once in awhile, i go through an old notebook and i take out every doodle that i think is extra good or a good beginning of an idea and i scan them into my computer, then i put the notebook away. I dont really like to keep a sketch book, since i kinda feel a bit restricted to having to take out a book to start putting ideas down. So i doodle on anything, and i doodle the most when i'm supposed to be paying attention to something else. Since i've been working on motro the most, i'll put up some doodles i did for Motro before i ever drew any pages.

A lot of the doodles you see there will probably make there way into Motro eventually. One of my favorite characters is a tough guy with no lower jaw, he's a small little doodle, hard to see. Look for him. There's some strange shaped heads on the page too.

This is the Evil Thinker, he's a son of an inhabitant of AsianLand and of Ash'Ruhh (Ash'Ruhh is where Motro takes place, it is north to AsianLand). I believe he'll make a good enemy for Motro at some point.

This is a baby Ice Lion, which is also in the first five pages of Motro. It is the beast that gets a big punch to his face. The babies start off really fluffy and soft like cotton balls. They develop into fearsome creatures though. What a sweet face as a kitty lion.

Now here are some more doodles.

This is Cool Bear. He's a stupid bear who wears stupid fashions. Of course, some ladies love him, some guys want to be him, but he doesn't know how to read. He's really stupid. Sometimes he buys girls pants. Maybe he's from Italy or something?

This is a quick scene sketch for the upcoming comic of Super Speed Ball Run, issue 2. Its pretty obvious what it is. I especially liked the fellow who speaks to Enrique. Sometimes i draw weird looking animals of no particular species, and they look so goofy or awkward that i love them. I picture this guy being a doctor of some sort or maybe a low level business guy who may be promoted soon. But i bet even his son kinda ignores him sometimes.

Before i drew the picture of all the Gigantapes, i drew a doodle of a Gigantape in "Galactic Armor" and called him Galactape. Gigantapes protect the Earth, so Galactapes are Gigantapes that go off and protect the galaxy.

This is what the skeleton of a Gigantape looks like. They're arms have no fingers, and no fore arm bones. They move through what is called a "muscular hydrostat", a biological structure also found in octupi or the trunk of an elephant. Many of the creatures in a New Elegant Universe have similar body structures, including the people of Motro, although they do have bones in their arms, they are much smaller and of much less use to the people of Motro than typical humans.

(The people you see in Motro, and of that current era in Ash'Ruhh, are humans, but of a different breed. When they are born, they have the same proportions as an adult just smaller in scale, they also have the same faces, but unwrinkled and unscarred.)

These are ghosts. The Ghosts of A New Elegant Universe are related to a few things. They all come from the Negaspace (A space that exists outside of the multiverse, but is not apart from it and is not a universe itself) and so share some sort of connection to other inhabitants and travelers through the Negaspace. One of those travelers is an Energy Alien:

The Alien Being of Energy is actually the Alien that gives life to the DirtMen, Lavamen, Rockmen, etc. The Lava Men are the servants to Lord Lavatron, and can be seen in the drawing of Lord Lavatron wreaking havoc that i have posted before. They have no solid state, and must inhabit inorganic matter to move about. When they lived in space, before they encountered Lord Lavatron's 77 rockets, they existed in a system of asteroids and planetoids connected by their collected energy mass. They did not travel much because they find it difficult to construct and invent complicated machinery, instead they usually discover ancient abandoned space craft and inhabit them. These ancient ships become like bodies to them, and an explorer would not even realize that a drifting craft contained an entire population of these aliens. They can also mate with ghosts, it is possible, but it does not happen since ghosts are elements of death and dead people. Also related to the Negaspace is Red Eye Crow Dog.

He was once a proud husky, who on a fatal trip to a dark land, him and a group of other carnivores were exposed to particles of the Negaspace, leaking into the New Elegant Universe. He became the living embodiment of desperation and grief, and is feared by all. His Red Eye appears when someone commits suicide or dies in desperation.

This is a picture of Lord Lavatron of the 77 Rockets before he became an evil thing. He wasn't evil before, just a stressed out angry man. It is a picture of him at 39 and at 60. His age now is unknown, but it spans the entire existence of a New Elegant Universe, making him one of its original creations. He is not immortal though, just unlucky enough to miss other worlds forever.

This is a dead astronaut, a pilot of one of the 77 rockets, that were all launched with bits of Lord Lavatron's brain. A cryptic scene.

These here are all of Lizard Man Ghost and things related to him.

The Above is of a proto-evolutionary phase of the Lizard Man Ghost. And above it is the tadpole version of him. Lizard Man Ghost wasn't always a ghost, although his ghost form is not much different than his original body. He now can just phase through walls. The Lizard Men (not their formal scientific name, by the way) go through an amphibious phase where they briefly resemble tadpoles and axolotyls. I think i spelled that wrong.

This is a cousin of Lizard Man Ghost. That's all.

At one point, before the Lizard Man Monster was huge and destroyed Lizard Man Ghost's planet, he was simply a little flower in the park that Lizard Man Ghost naively watered. It really was a transplanetary sapling of the monster, and the only one of his species to grow on Lizard Man's planet. It was sad fate that brought the two together. Even worse, now Lizard Man Ghost is the only one who battles the beast through the universe forever and ever.

This is a spacesuit design for Lizard Man Ghost. All the sensory functions are replicated by the suit itself, protecting the wearer from all dangers. This can lead to danger though, for a person inside the suit will not be able to tell if something is going wrong with the suit if it is manipulating his senses. Although completely protected, he is completely dependant on the suit.

This is a very strange weird ornamental battle helmet for Lizard Men. It is no longer used in battle, except for ceremonial purposes.

Below, is a very weird creature. It is hard to see. The doodle i did, i sorta drew over him. But if you look hard, it is a Man Head Fish. A thin rectangular fish that resembles the head of a bald man. It also whistles as it swims. Not on purpose, but because of a design of its body and gills. Its very rare and bizarre.

Below is the picture of all the doodles together, that i taped to one page. There are some i did not talk about, but you may still enjoy looking at. Here are the rest in one image:

and finally, a sneak preview of a comic that I will be drawing this summer, which is written by me and my friend Erick. These are two characters that will be in it.

So many sneak previews! hehe. I hope you like these ideas and doodles!