The Dinoxors versus the Wall Eyed's!

The Dinoxors have invaded, the shock troops of the mysterious transdimensional ships that have entered Satex, ready to do battle. But at the defense are the Wall Eyed's! A Superhero team of poor strabismus suffering animals; a Pug, a Puffer Fish, and an Owl. Each one has a special item that grants them a strange undefined power. The Pug seems to be able to shoot a beam of hearts from a watch, and the Owl seems to have a strange thought plant creator...the Puffer Fish seems to be floating in a bunch of bubbles...we're not sure thats his power though. These sad superheros though are in over their head, and the Dinoxors haven't even noticed them standing about. Maybe they should try other superhero things, like telling kids not to stare too close at the television. Maybe they'll realize they are overwhelmed and run away!

To fight another day!!!

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