Nikola contemplates the grains of gypsum.

This is a picture I took of Nikola on a roadtrip. He is sitting against the dead wood. He was reluctant to go, because his mansion was under construction and he hates heat since he is from russia. Nikola Tesla is a bear cat that was named after the frequently overlooked inventer by the name of Nicola Tesla. Nikola Tesla is also an inventor. He has invented a sentient lawn mower. But he mostly takes part in research and analysis of the natural world. Nikola has had many wives, and is a widower 3 times over. His life has been hard and sad, and he drinks often because of this. He has an uneasy friendship with Ulises Farinas. He also exists both in Satex, and in the outerverse as a stuffed animal (that was made by ulises).

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Jonny said...

Damn, Ulises.

I beg of thee.

Remember me when you win an award one day.

I'll need the couch to surf on.