These are the Gigantas! Gigantas are a strange type of animal that tends to grow forever. The biggest one in the picture is the Galactape! He's a Gigantape that has went off into space to go do good deeds throughout the cosmos. The smaller one is just a regular gigantape. Gigantapes start off as little seeds, smaller than a snail, and grow until they want to stop. When they decide to stop growing, some just decide to sleep. And they sleep for so long that they might turn into Baby Hills, and Mountain Faces. You can see Baby Hill and a Mountain Face in the bottom of the drawing. The other Gigantas are Kiwahirsuta, a Lobster Giganta, with furry arms. Gigantsquid is in the foreground, with a Gigantslug on his head dripping slime. And there's a Gigantabehr, wearing a unitard and playing with his bunny buddy. I hope you like this picture.

This is the first drawing i ever drew of a Gigantape, since then, i draw gigantapes all the time. They are one of my favorite creatures in the New Elegant Universe.

And this last drawing is a cover design for the Role Playing System i'm writing. When its done, i'll post some of it. But it wont be done for a long time.

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Anonymous said...

The Gigantas are wonderful. Such a great race of characters, and the 'growing forever' thing makes my brain smile. - Jon Sperry.